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Arty, W. (East Meadow, NY)


Preparing for some eye surgery tomorrow but just wanted to send you a quick note which I will follow up with in a couple days. The car arrived tonight while it was still light and I must say you and your company are gentlemen. I can’t tell you how many cars I have bought through my nearly 40 years of collecting and the car was 100% as advertised. It was a pleasant surprise! I will put in feedback in a couple days.

Thanks Again!

Arty W.

Bruce S. (York, PA)

The Hummer was great and the delivery of it was awesome man, Thank you!

Bruce S.
York, PA

John M. (Fort Collins, CO)

Arrived today! (Fri.) Started on 1st kick! Only needs clutch/throttle/brake cable adjustments in my opinion. Easy stuff! Here is a 1st pic!

AWESOME working with you. Thanks.


Michael C. (Gainesville, FL)

I cannot thank the St. Louis Car Museum enough, and most importantly Jon Faust, for making it a real pleasure to purchase a classic car and for making it so easy. I’m overwhelmed with the honesty, quickness, and fantastic autos they have for sale. They really are a cut above the other classic car dealers, and I’ve bought from a few. I will buy another car from them again. They are my number one stop for everything I will need in the future. I don’t consider Jon a salesman, but a friend indeed. Again, I thank him for everything he did for and I ask God to bless him and his family. If anyone is looking for a classic car, please use the St. Louis Car Museum. They are the best in the nation! Thanks to Jon Faust! I love my ’55 Crown Victoria!

Your friend,

Michael C.

Virgil S. (Spencerville, Oh)

Good morning Jon,

The car got delivered yesterday afternoon. There were no problems unloading, it started right up, backed it out, no problems. When weather conditions get more favorable, I’ll be out playing with the new toy!  The delivery driver was courteous and respectfully in all ways. He wanted a picture of himself sitting in the car, so we were happy to do that for him.

The purchase of the car has been a real pleasurable buying experience for me.  This is the first time for making this kind of a purchase.  You have been most helpful, first rigging the gas so I could hear it run while the original gas tank was being checked out, keeping me updated on the repairs, and lining up shipping.  You have been most helpful in every way.  I would recommend the St. Louis Car Museum to anybody!

When my T club gets together with a tour, I’ll get a couple pictures of it among the others to send to you.

You have a good day!


Virgil S.

Spencerville, OH

Ryan F. (New Hyde Park, NY)

“Car is clean, clean, clean!  Wow!  Thanks for all your help!”

Ryan F.

(New Hyde Park, NY)IMG_7264